Imagine having the modern lead sounds of Channel 2 of the Knucklehead Reverb, with another channel for the vintage clean rhythm and soulful blues sounds that Rivera amps are renown for - all in one convenient combo amp format. Our Fandango is available in either a 55W or 100W 2-12 version, as well as a 55 Watt 1-12 model. Exclusive Rivera features like the new "Scoop" switch on the lead channel allow access to two different lead EQs.

Lush 6 Spring Accutronics long-pan Reverb fills the generously sized cabinets with rich vibrant delays. Footswitchable Boosts on each channel give the player 4 different sounds at the tap of a toe. Our Focus control allows the adjustment of speaker damping creating a delicious and big bottom end. Our Presence control adds that final high-end EQ for shimmering brilliance without any harshness. both the Power and STandby switch are loated on the front panel for easy operation.

Our rear panel is as loaded with as many features as the front. Rivera invented the Series effects Loop with level controls, and the Fandango has it conveniently located on the rear panel. Running virtually any normal speaker load is a snap with a selectable output impedance. 2 speaker jacks are provided for convenient use of extension enclosures. A line out is provided for slaving additional power amps or direct recording. A Vintage-Modern output tube mode switch allows halving the output power while sweetening the power amp harmonics. Separate AC and DC fuses are easily accessed for servicing. A 3 Function FS-7 footswitch is included with the amp.

Fandango cabinets - like all Rivera models - are hand built of hardwood solid-core plywood. All of our cabinet joints are dadoed and interlocking for superior strength. Grille frames are easy to remove, with the speakers front mounted for easy servicing.

Fandangos are used by Prince and his guitarist Mike Scott. Products in the Fandango line include:
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Fandango 55 Top

Fandango 100 Top

Fandango 212 Cab

Fandango 412 Cab

Fandango 112

Fandango 212 55 W

Fandango 212 100 W


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